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`Oldtime' (1900's) Michigan UFO Stories Told To MUFON In 2014

As you can see from the first post done on the Michigan UFO blog last year.... MUFON LOVES to back CENSOR the good UFO reports posted with Orb pictures..... now you know. 

But, today's post is different and it is an idea I hope to bring to all my `State' UFO blog series that I started in late 2013. So, are you ready to potentially absorb nearly 20 (of 38 submitted via search) `oldtime' UFO reports from the 1900's that folks in Michigan submitted to MUFON last year? (most of these are childhood experiences) - so here we go... saucers landing, missing time - little people, and insiders information as to why we went to the Moon...  and more await.

Sure you are.


On May 10th of last year the below UFO story reached MUFON, it will serve as an example of the stories that needed to be gotten off ones chest and into the public:
about two weeks before the Arnold Sighting

I am a male, 75+ years old. When I was 8 yrs old, 67 years ago, I watched an object approx. 4' X 1.5' X 2" drop out of the sky from approx. 100' when I first noticed it. It was pure white round or radius edges, slightly wider (round) at both ends. It oscillated (rocked) back and forth or left and right moving downward right toward me. It got to within 15-20' over me oscillated a few times, then moved upward in the same manner it had descended until it was out of site. I wasn't afraid because I was young and curious. After it disappeared I continued playing in the yard and barn. I've never mentioned this to anyone before because it didn't seem important and I just went about my life. However, now with all the stories I thought I would mention it and see if anyone else had experienced a similar situation and had not mentioned it for fear of ridicule or whatever. If I was an artist I would try to draw this object, but I am not artistic. Anyone that wants to speak with me about drawing it for me, I'd like to hear from you. This incident happened in Beaver Dam Michigan, between Hudsonville and Zeeland. I am living in Georgia. "After thought" At first I thought it might be a piece of paper floating down, but as it got closer I could see it wasn't paper, it had to much mass and it wasn't aimlessly floating.

Saucers before the Arnold Event, Interesting.


with a group in `nightwatch' on rooftop for Russian bombers and UFOs

night watch UFO groups in the 50's - wow

there are many reports from each decade now, I will bring you some of the better articulate ones.


incredible articulate account

1980's & 1990's


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This is also posted at the Subreddit that I moderate:

The publication of the above UFO stories brought forth one submitted in private to UDCC's (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) - Facebook page.
I bring it forth in nearly it's entirety below:
 But i just read your.michigan ufo i am from port huron mich but grew up in garden city mi. Ive never told anybody this story before i just figured this might be a good place to tell it. It can be re wrote for the mich blog i dont mind. But anways back in the year 1988 i was only 11years old at the time but remember everything EXACTLY the way it occured. I woke up in the middle of the night in a absolute panic. I jumped up for no reason and looked out my bedroom window, i saw a very tall what i remember looking like a person standing on top of a 12' shed my grandfather built in our backyard. I started screaming as loud as i could to wake my mom in the other bedroom but when i did nothing would come out of my mouth...this made me.panic even more and i never took my eyes of the thing on the shed outside. The next thing that happened was the thing dissapeard out of thin air. I kept trying to scream and couldnt. When all of a sudden a very bright light lit up my window and that was the last thing i remember happening. I woke up from a sleep like nothing ever even happend but still panicked. I jumped up out of bed ran out to the kitchen and asked my mom.if she heard me screaming last night she said of course not. I then ran outside to the shed and couldnt belive what i saw. The shed was completely covered in 1000s of spiders. I ran back in to mom and show her when we went back outside there was nothing there... she asked me what was wrong with me acting all wierd but i kept it to.myself figuring shed think i made the whole thing up.well days after this event all the neighbors were gathered talking one evening like they always did when one guy brought up he swore he seen a ufo above our street the same night this all happened. I just kept to myslef but that was proof enough what i went thru was very real. I just still wonder to this day if i was abducted because after the bright light was in my window i never layed back down to sleep or anything it was just the last thing i remembered before waking up..... well thanks for reading this like ive said i never shared this story with anyone before kinda feels good to get it out to someone who won't think im crazy.
The story above is most appreciated and IMO represents just how strange and Fortean the whole phenomena can be in its actualization.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Port Huron Trailcam Catches Mysterious Light (2/12) (Orb) - Latest MUFON Reports

In this report the person set up a Trailcam on his porch to see if feral cats were getting up on it at night - set to take a photo every minute. The result is several photos which seem to show the proverbial nighttime Orb. The link has the full report - below are the best two photos.
Photo One
(and shown below)
As folks who read my main UFO blog UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock know, the Orb IS the real `UFO' in our collective skies. These certainly appear to be fairly close pictures of the phenomena compared to 100's on UDCC over the last 7 years and 1000 blogposts.
That said, (and also covered at UDCC before) trailcams can certainly be `hoaxed' with - even unknown to the user. Hopefully this person will capture even more in the future.
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